storage aggregate object-store modify


Modify attributes of object stores attached to an aggregate

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The storage aggregate object-store modify command is used to update one or more object store parameters.


-aggregate <text> - Aggregate Name

This parameter identifies the aggregate to which the object store to be modified is attached.

-object-store-name <text> - ONTAP Name for this Object Store Config

This parameter identifies the configuration name of the object store to be modified.

[-unreclaimed-space-threshold <percent>] - Threshold for Reclaiming Unreferenced Space

This optional parameter specifies the usage threshold below which Data ONTAP reclaims unused space from objects in the object store. When Data ONTAP writes data to the object store, it packages multiple file system blocks into one object. Over time, blocks stored in an object can be freed, leaving part of the object unused. When the percentage of used blocks in an object falls below this threshold, a background task moves the blocks which are still used to a new object. Afterwards, Data ONTAP frees the original object to reclaim the unused space. Valid values are between 0% and 99%. The default value depends on the object store’s provider type. It is 20% for AWS_S3 , 14% for IBM_COS , 15% for Azure_Cloud , and 40% for SGWS . Consult the FabricPool best practices guidelines for more information.

[-tiering-fullness-threshold <percent>] - Aggregate Fullness Threshold Required for Tiering

This optional parameter specifies the percentage of space in the performance tier which must be used before data is tiered out to the capacity tier.


The following example modifies the unreclaimed space threshold of an object store attached to an aggregate named aggr1:

cluster1::> storage aggregate object-store modify -aggregate aggr1 -object-store-name my-store -unreclaimed-space-threshold 20%