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snapmirror delete

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Delete a SnapMirror relationship

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The snapmirror delete command removes the SnapMirror relationship between a source endpoint and a destination endpoint. The destination endpoint can be a Vserver, a volume, or a non-Data ONTAP endpoint. The Vservers, volumes and non-Data ONTAP destinations are not destroyed and Snapshot copies on the volumes are not removed.

For relationships with SolidFire endpoints, the SnapMirror source commands snapmirror release and snapmirror list-destinations are not supported. Therefore, Snapshot copies that are locked by SnapMirror on the source container cannot be cleaned up using the snapmirror release command. If the source container is a Data ONTAP volume, in order to reclaim space captured in the base Snapshot copy on the volume, issue a snapshot delete command specifying the -ignore-owners parameter in diag privilege level. To reclaim space captured in a Snapshot copy locked by SnapMirror on a SolidFire system, refer t