snapmirror break

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Make SnapMirror destination writable

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The snapmirror break command breaks a SnapMirror relationship between a source and destination endpoint of a data protection mirror. The destination endpoint can be a Vserver, volume or SolidFire endpoint. When Data ONTAP breaks the relationship, if the endpoint is a volume or SolidFire endpoint, the destination is made read/write and can diverge from the source volume, client redirection is turned off on the destination, the restart checkpoint is cleared, and the clients can see the latest Snapshot copy. If the endpoint is a Vserver, the subtype of the destination Vserver is changed to default , volumes in the destination Vserver are made read/write and the clients can now access the Vserver namespace for modifications. For SolidFire destination endpoints, the snapmirror break command is only supported if the endpoint is in a SnapMirror relationship.

Subsequent manual or scheduled SnapMirror updates to the broken relationship will fail until the SnapMirror relationship is reestablished using the snapmirror resync command.

This command applies to data protection mirrors. For vault relationships, this command is only intended for use when preparing for a Data ONTAP revert operation (see the -delete-snapshots parameter in advanced privilege level). This command is not intended for use with load-sharing mirrors.

For relationships with a policy of type strict-sync-mirror or sync-mirror , the relationship must be Quiesced before running the snapmirror break command.

This command is supported for SnapMirror relationships with the field "Relationship Capability" showing as either "8.2 and above" or "Pre 8.2" in the output of the snapmirror show command.

The snapmirror break command must be used from the destination Vserver or cluster.


{ [-S, -source-path {<[vserver:][volume]>|<[[cluster:]//vserver/]volume>|<hostip:/lun/name>|<hostip:/share/share-name>}] - Source Path

This parameter specifies the source endpoint of the SnapMirror relationship in one of four path formats. The normal format includes the names of the Vserver (vserver) and/or the volume (volume). To support relationships with "Relationship Capability" of "Pre 8.2" , a format which also includes the name of the cluster (cluster) is provided. The "Pre 8.2" format cannot be used when operating in a Vserver context on relationships with "Relationship Capability" of "8.2 and above" . For SnapMirror relationships with an AltaVault source, the source endpoint is specified in the form hostip:/share/share-name . For SnapMirror relationships with a SolidFire source, the source endpoint is specified in the form hostip:/lun/name .

| [-source-cluster <Cluster name>] - Source Cluster

Specifies the sou