application snapshot restore


(DEPRECATED)-Restore an application or protection group to a snapshot.

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


Note This command is deprecated and may be removed in a future release of Data ONTAP. Use the REST interface instead.

This command restores a Snapshot that belongs to a specified protection-group in a given application. Every application instance also acts as a protection-group and can be treated as one.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver

This specifies the Vserver that contains the application on which the Snapshot is to be restored.

-application <text> - Application

This specifies the name of the application that we want to restore from a Snapshot.

[-protection-group <text>] - Protection Group

This specifies the name of the protection-group or application component where a Snapshot is to be restored. This field is optional, and if not specified, the application itself will be treated as the protection-group.

-snapshot <snapshot name> - Snapshot

This specifies the name of the Snapshot that is to be restored.

[-foreground {true|false}] - Execute in the Foreground

A boolean value that determines if the command executes synchronously at the command prompt in the foreground or asynchronously in the background. If this parameter is not supplied, it defaults to true and the command is executed synchronously at the command prompt.


The following example restores a Snapshot named snap1 on a application named myapp1 on a vserver named vs of a protection-group called myapp1.

cluster1::> application snapshot restore -vserver vs -application myapp1 -protection-group myapp1 -snapshot snap1