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snapmirror resync

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Start a resynchronize operation

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The snapmirror resync command establishes or reestablishes a mirroring relationship between a source and a destination endpoint. The endpoints can be Vservers, volumes or non-Data ONTAP endpoints that support SnapMirror. snapmirror resync for a SnapMirror relationship with volumes as endpoints is typically executed in the following cases:

  • The destination mirror is broken (that is, the destination volume is a read-write volume and no longer a data protection mirror). After the snapmirror resync command completes, the destination volume is made a data protection mirror and the mirror can be manually updated or scheduled for updates.

  • snapmirror update command failed because the required common Snapshot copy was deleted on the source volume.

  • The volumes are the first and third endpoints in a cascade chain of relationships and they have a common Snapshot copy. In this case, snapmirror resync might implicitly create the SnapMirror relationship between them.