volume qtree show

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Display a list of qtrees

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command displays information about qtrees for online volumes. By default, the command displays the following information about all qtrees in the cluster:

  • Vserver name

  • Volume name

  • Qtree name

  • Security style (unix, ntfs, mixed or unified)

  • Whether oplocks is enabled

  • Status (normal or readonly)

The display will also include information about Qtree 0. When you create a volume, a special qtree referred to as "qtree0", also called the default qtree is automatically created for the volume. It represents all of the data stored in a volume that is not contained in a qtree. In the CLI output, qtree0 is denoted by empty quotation marks ("") and has the ID zero (0). The qtree called qtree0 cannot be manually created or deleted.

The qtree status indicates readonly for data protection and load sharing volumes.

To display detailed information about a single qtree, run the command with the -instance and -qtree parameters. The detailed view adds the following information:

  • UNIX permissions

  • Qtree ID

  • Export policy

  • Is Export Policy Inherited