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Install and maintain

Restore and verify the system configuration - FAS2700


After completing the hardware replacement and booting to Maintenance mode, you verify the low-level system configuration of the replacement controller and reconfigure system settings as necessary.

Step 1: Set and verify system time

You should check the time and date on the replacement controller module against the healthy controller module in an HA pair, or against a reliable time server in a stand-alone configuration. If the time and date do not match, you must reset them on the replacement controller module to prevent possible outages on clients due to time differences.

About this task

It is important that you apply the commands in the steps on the correct systems:

  • The replacement node is the new node that replaced the impaired node as part of this procedure.

  • The healthy node is the HA partner of the replacement node.

  1. If the replacement node is not at the LOADER prompt, halt the system to the LOADER prompt.

  2. On the healthy node, check the system time: cluster date show

    The date and time are based on the configured timezone.

  3. At the LOADER prompt, check the date and time on the replacement node: show date

    The date and time are given in GMT.

  4. If necessary, set the date in GMT on the replacement node: set date mm/dd/yyyy

  5. If necessary, set the time in GMT on the replacement node: set time hh:mm:ss

  6. At the LOADER prompt, confirm the date and time on the replacement node: date

    The date and time are given in GMT.

Step 2: Verify and set the controller's HA state

You must verify the HA state of the controller module and, if necessary, update the state to match your system configuration.

  1. In Maintenance mode from the new controller module, verify that all components display the same HA state: ha-config show

    The HA state should be the same for all components.

  2. If the displayed system state for the chassis does not match your system configuration:

    1. Set the HA state for the chassis: ha-config modify chassis HA-state

      The value for HA-state can be one of the following:

      • ha

      • mcc

      • mcc-2n

      • mccip

      • non-ha

    2. Confirm that the setting has changed: ha-config show