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Swap out a fan - AFF A900

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To swap out a fan module without interrupting service, you must perform a specific sequence of tasks.

Important It is a best practice to replace the power supply within two minutes of removing it from the chassis. The system continues to function, but ONTAP sends messages to the console about the degraded power supply until the power supply is replaced.
  1. If you are not already grounded, properly ground yourself.

  2. Remove the bezel (if necessary) with two hands, by grasping the openings on each side of the bezel, and then pulling it toward you until the bezel releases from the ball studs on the chassis frame.

  3. Identify the fan module that you must replace by checking the console error messages and looking at the Attention LED on each fan module.

  4. Press the terra cotta button on the fan module and pull the fan module straight out of the chassis, making sure that you support it with your free hand.

    Important The fan modules are short. Always support the bottom of the fan module with your free hand so that it does not suddenly drop free from the chassis and injure you.
    Animation - Remove/install fan
    Removing or installing the fan

    Callout number 1

    Terra cotta release button

    Callout number 2

    Slide fan in/out of chassis

  5. Set the fan module aside.

  6. Align the edges of the replacement fan module with the opening in the chassis, and then slide it into the chassis until it snaps into place.

    When inserted into a live system, the amber Attention LED flashes four times when the fan module is successfully inserted into the chassis.

  7. Align the bezel with the ball studs, and then gently push the bezel onto the ball studs.

  8. Return the failed part to NetApp, as described in the RMA instructions shipped with the kit. See the Part Return & Replacements page for further information.