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Install and maintain

Overview of adding an X91148A module - AFF A9000


You can add an I/O module to your system by either replacing a NIC or storage adapter with a new one in a fully-populated system, or by adding a new NIC or storage adapter into an empty chassis slot in your system.

Before you begin
  • Check the NetApp Hardware Universe to make sure that the new I/O module is compatible with your system and version of ONTAP you're running.

  • If multiple slots are available, check the slot priorities in NetApp Hardware Universe and use the best one available for your I/O module.

  • To non-disruptively add an I/O module, you must takeover the target controller, remove the slot blanking cover in the target slot or remove an existing I/O module, add the new or replacement I/O module, and then giveback the target controller.

  • Make sure that all other components are functioning properly.