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Replace the boot media - AFF A900

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The boot media stores a primary and secondary set of system (boot image) files that the system uses when it boots. Depending on your network configuration, you can perform either a nondisruptive or disruptive replacement.

You must have a USB flash drive, formatted to FAT32, with the appropriate amount of storage to hold the image_xxx.tgz.

You also must copy the image_xxx.tgz file to the USB flash drive for later use in this procedure.

  • The nondisruptive and disruptive methods for replacing a boot media both require you to restore the var file system:

    • For nondisruptive replacement, the HA pair does not require connection to a network to restore the var file system. The HA pair in a single chassis has an internal e0S connection, which is used to transfer var config between them.

    • For disruptive replacement, you do not need a network connection to restore the var file system, but the process requires two reboots.

  • You must replace the failed component with a replacement FRU component you received from your provider.

  • It is important that you apply the commands in these steps on the correct controller:

    • The impaired controller is the controller on which you are performing maintenance.

    • The healthy controller is the HA partner of the impaired controller.