Space requirements and system cabinet dimensions


When unpacking your system cabinet, you must make sure that you have enough room to remove the system cabinet from the packing material. Also make sure that the intended location for the system cabinet is large enough for you to move the cabinet into place.

Required space for unpacking the system cabinet

The following table defines the requires space needed to unpack and install your system cabinet:

Dimensions U.S.


Shipping ramp length

80 in.

203.2 cm

Clearance beyond the ramp for cabinet mobility

72 in.

182.9 cm

Shipping pallet depth

59 in.

149.9 cm

Shipping pallet width

42 in.

106.6 cm

Shipping pallet and packaging height

86 in.

218.4 cm

Total rack space, 42U

73.5 in.

186.7 cm

Rail load capacity

Supports all current systems

Supports all current systems

Empty weight

~400 lbs (~181 kg) lbs

~ 181 kg

Fully loaded ship weight

Up to 1,800 lbs

Up to 816.5 kg

Fully loaded static weight

Up to 2,700 lbs

Up to 1,224.7 kg

Front service clearance

47.2 in.

120 cm

Rear service clearance Note: The rear door is split. Actual minimum rear clearance is approximately 1/2 the recommendation.

30 in.

76.3 cm

Minimum side clearance for panel removal

24 in.

61 cm

Minimum top clearance

12 in.

System cabinet exterior dimensions

The following illustration shows the front, rear, and side views of the system cabinet:

drw sys cab side front dimensions ozeki

The following illustrations show top and bottom views of the system cabinet, and identify the openings through which you can run cable bundles from the floor of your data center into the system cabinet. The illustrations also show the location of the system cabinet casters and leveling feet.


To prevent your system cabinet from falling through the data center floor, do not attempt to roll the system cabinet over a floor opening that is wider than the cable access opening at the bottom of the system cabinet.

drw ozeki sys cab bottom top dimensions