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Install and maintain

Get up and running with AFF, ASA and FAS storage systems

Contributors netapp-jsnyder

To get up and running with AFF, ASA and FAS systems, you install hardware components, cable your hardware, and configure your storage in ONTAP.

If your system is in a MetroCluster configuration, go to the MetroCluster doc site and follow the install instructions applicable to your MetroCluster configuration type.

Use the following workflow to deploy your storage system when it is not set up in a MetroCluster configuration.

One Install switches

Install your switches in the rack or cabinet. Access the following instructions for your switch model.

Cluster switches

Storage switches

Shared switches

Two Install platform and shelves

Install your platform and shelves in the cabinet or rack. Access the install and setup instructions for your platform model.

AFF A-Series systems

AFF C-Series systems

ASA A-Series systems

ASA C-Series systems

FAS systems

Three Connect cables

Cable the controllers to your network and then cable the controllers to your shelves. The install and setup instructions for your platform model include instructions for cabling the controller ports to your network and to your switches.

Six Complete ONTAP configuration

After you have installed and set up your controllers and switches, you must complete configuring your storage in ONTAP. Access the following instructions according to your deployment configuration.