Shut down the node - AFF A700s

Contributors netapp-martyh

After completing the NVE or NSE tasks, you need to complete the shutdown of the impaired node.

  1. If the impaired node isn’t at the LOADER prompt:

    If the impaired node displays…​ Then…​

    Waiting for giveback...

    Press Ctrl-C, and then respond y when prompted.

    System prompt or password prompt (enter system password)

    Take over or halt the impaired node:

    • For an HA pair, take over the impaired node from the healthy node: storage failover takeover -ofnode `impaired_node_name`

      When the impaired node shows Waiting for giveback…​, press Ctrl-C, and then respond y.

  2. From the LOADER prompt, enter: printenv to capture all boot environmental variables. Save the output to your log file.

    Note This command may not work if the boot device is corrupted or non-functional.