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Install and maintain

Restore and verify the configuration - FAS2800


Verify the HA state of the chassis bring up the system,and return the failed part to NetApp, as described in the RMA instructions shipped with the kit.

Step 1: Verify and set the HA state of the chassis

You must verify the HA state of the chassis, and, if necessary, update the state to match your system configuration.

  1. In Maintenance mode, from either controller module, display the HA state of the local controller module and chassis: ha-config show

    The HA state should be the same for all components.

  2. If the displayed system state for the chassis does not match your system configuration:

    1. Set the HA state for the chassis based on the system's existing configuration: ha-config modify chassis ha-state

      The value for HA-state can be one of the following:

      • ha

      • non-ha

    2. Confirm that the setting has changed: ha-config show

  3. If you have not already done so, recable the rest of your system.

  4. Exit Maintenance mode: halt. The LOADER prompt appears.

  5. Boot the controller modules.

Step 2: Bring up the system

  1. If you have not done so, plug the power cables back into the PSUs.

  2. Turn on the PSUs by toggling the rocker switched to ON, and wait for the controllers to power up completely.

  3. Check the front and the back of the chassis and controllers for any fault lights after power up.

  4. Connect to the SP or BMC IP address of the nodes via SSH. This will be the same address used to shut down the nodes.

  5. Perform additional health checks as described in How_to_perform_a_cluster_health_check_with_a_script_in_ONTAP

  6. If an AutoSupport maintenance window was triggered, end it by using the system node autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message MAINT=END command.

Note As a best practice, you should do the following:

Step 3: Return the failed part to NetApp

Return the failed part to NetApp, as described in the RMA instructions shipped with the kit. See the Part Return & Replacements page for further information.