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Install and maintain

Boot the recovery image - AFF A150


You must boot the ONTAP image from the USB drive, restore the file system, and verify the environmental variables.

  1. From the LOADER prompt, boot the recovery image from the USB flash drive: boot_recovery

    The image is downloaded from the USB flash drive.

  2. When prompted, either enter the name of the image or accept the default image displayed inside the brackets on your screen.

  3. Restore the var file system:

    If your system has…​ Then…​

    A network connection

    1. Press y when prompted to restore the backup configuration.

    2. Set the healthy controller to advanced privilege level: set -privilege advanced

    3. Run the restore backup command: system node restore-backup -node local -target-address impaired_node_IP_address

    4. Return the controller to admin level: set -privilege admin

    5. Press y when prompted to use the restored configuration.

    6. Press y when prompted to reboot the controller.

    No network connection

    1. Press n when prompted to restore the backup configuration.

    2. Reboot the system when prompted by the system.

    3. Select the Update flash from backup config (sync flash) option from the displayed menu.

      If you are prompted to continue with the update, press y.

  4. Ensure that the environmental variables are set as expected:

    1. Take the controller to the LOADER prompt.

    2. Check the environment variable settings with the printenv command.

    3. If an environment variable is not set as expected, modify it with the setenv environment-variable-name changed-value command.

    4. Save your changes using the savenv command.

  5. The next depends on your system configuration:

    • If your system has onboard keymanager, NSE or NVE configured, go to Restore OKM, NSE, and NVE as needed

    • If your system does not have onboard keymanager, NSE or NVE configured, complete the steps in this section.

  6. From the LOADER prompt, enter the boot_ontap command.

    If you see…​ Then…​

    The login prompt

    Go to the next Step.

    Waiting for giveback…​

    1. Log into the partner controller.

    2. Confirm the target controller is ready for giveback with the storage failover show command.

  7. Connect the console cable to the partner controller.

  8. Give back the controller using the storage failover giveback -fromnode local command.

  9. At the cluster prompt, check the logical interfaces with the net int -is-home false command.

    If any interfaces are listed as "false", revert those interfaces back to their home port using the net int revert command.

  10. Move the console cable to the repaired controller and run the version -v command to check the ONTAP versions.

  11. Restore automatic giveback if you disabled it by using the storage failover modify -node local -auto-giveback true command.