Structure of CLI commands

Contributors netapp-jsnyder

The CLI commands are in the form of a command wrapper and elements embedded into the wrapper. A CLI command consists of these elements:

  • A command wrapper identified by the term SMcli

  • The storage array identifier

  • Terminals that define the operation to be performed

  • Script commands

The CLI command wrapper is a shell that identifies storage array controllers, embeds operational terminals, embeds script commands, and passes these values to the script engine.

All CLI commands have the following structure:

SMcli *storageArray terminal script-commands*;
  • SMcli invokes the command line interface.

  • storageArray is the name or the IP address of the storage array.

  • terminal is a CLI value that defines the environment and the purpose for the command.

  • script-commands are one or more script commands or the name of a script file that contains script commands. (The script commands configure and manage the storage array.)

If you enter an incomplete or inaccurate SMcli string that does not have the correct syntax, parameter names, options, or terminals, the script engine returns usage information.