Verify cluster health


Before you upgrade a cluster, you should verify that the nodes are healthy and eligible to participate in the cluster, and that the cluster is in quorum.

  1. Verify that the nodes in the cluster are online and are eligible to participate in the cluster: cluster show

    cluster1::> cluster show
    Node                  Health  Eligibility
    --------------------- ------- ------------
    node0                 true    true
    node1                 true    true

    If any node is unhealthy or ineligible, check EMS logs for errors and take corrective action.

  2. If you are operating in a SAN environment, verify that each node is in a SAN quorum: event log show -messagename scsiblade.*

    The most recent scsiblade event message for each node should indicate that the scsi-blade is in quorum.

    cluster1::*> event log show -messagename scsiblade.*
    Time                Node             Severity      Event
    ------------------- ---------------- ------------- ---------------------------
    MM/DD/YYYY TIME  node0            INFORMATIONAL The scsi-blade ...
    MM/DD/YYYY TIME  node1            INFORMATIONAL The scsi-blade ...
  3. Return to the admin privilege level: set -privilege admin

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