cluster agent connection create

Create agent connection

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


Create a websocket connection to an external manager that will be used to monitor this cluster. The external manager will have access to REST APIs and CCMA counters based upon the privilege of the user creating the connection.


-name <text> - Name
Specify connection name.
-destination <text> - Destination URL
Specify destination URL. For secure websocket, this should be amqpwss://<host[:port]>
[-use-proxy {true|false}] - Use Proxy
Establish this connection through the HTTP Proxy server associated with this connection's IPspace.
[-subscribe-address <text>] - Subscribe Address
AMQP address to which ONTAP will subscribe. Defaults to "ontap.agent.manager".
[-publish-address <text>] - Publish Address
AMQP address to which ONTAP will publish. Defaults to "ontap.agent.cluster".
[-certificate-uuid <UUID>] - Auth Certificate UUID
Specify uuid of an existing certificate to use for authentication to the destination.
[-certificate-name <text>] - Auth Certificate Name
Specify name of certificate to be used for authentication to the destination. If paired with certificate-private-key, it names the new certificate.
[-csr-url <text>] - Auth CSR URL
URL to send certicate signing request (CSR) that will be used for authenticating with the destination.
[-csr-token <text>] - Auth CSR Token
Token for authenticating with CSR URL. Not audited.
[-manager-token <text>] - Manager Token
Specify token supplied by manager application to correlate the connection setup back to the workflow that initiated it.
[-ipspace <IPspace>] - IPspace for connection
The IPspace to use for the connection.
[-idle-timeout <integer>] - Idle Timeout
AMQP idle timeout. Defaults to 0. If set, the local peer will disconnect if it does not receive AMQP frames within the timeout
[-address-family {unknown|ipv4|ipv6}] - Address Family
Specify address family.
[-auto-delete-error-minutes <integer>] - Auto-delete when disconnected for specified minutes
Specify time to live in minutes for cloud agent connection in error state. Connection will be deleted if it stays in error state beyond this time.


cluster-1::> cluster agent connection create -name cloud_agent -destination amqpwss://