system switch ethernet threshold show


Display the Ethernet switch health monitor alert thresholds

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The system switch ethernet threshold show command displays thresholds used by health monitor alerts.


cluster1::> system switch ethernet threshold show
    Per 0.10% values: 1 = 0.10%, 5 = 0.50%
    Entity-alert Threshold is the count needed to raise entity warning alert
In Errors Threshold (%) Out Errors Threshold (%) Entity-alert Threshold
    ----------------------- ------------------------ ---------------------
                          1                        1                     2

Displays the inbound and outbound switch interface packet error thresholds are set at 0.1%. Also, displays threshold value for entity warning alerts. The node platform health monitor also shares the same thresholds in monitoring packet errors of cluster ports on the node.