statistics workload show

QoS workload throughput and latency metrics

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


This command continuously displays performance data for workloads at a regular interval. The command output displays data in the following columns:


[-workload <text>] - Workload
Selects the workload for which you want to display performance data.
[-sort-key <text>] - Column to Sort By
If this parameter is specified, the command displays statistics sorted by the specified column.
-interval <integer> - Interval
Specifies, in seconds, the interval between statistics updates. The default setting is 5 seconds.
-iterations <integer> - Iterations
Specifies the number of iterations the command runs before terminating. The default setting is 1. If the number is 0 (zero), the command continues to run until you interrupt it by pressing Ctrl-C.
-max <integer> - Maximum Number of Instances
Specifies the maximum number of workloads to display. The default setting is 25.


The following example displays workload statistics:
cluster1::> statistics workload show
cluster1 : 12/31/2013 16:00:04
                 *Total Read Write Other   Read Write Latency 
        Workload    Ops  Ops   Ops   Ops  (Bps) (Bps)    (us) 
 --------------- ------ ---- ----- ----- ------ ----- -------
 _USERSPACE_APPS     30    1     3     0  30765  8553       0 
      _WAFL_SCAN     20    0     0     0     0      0       0 
        _WAFL_CP      0    0     0     0     0      0       -