volume flexcache create


Create a new cache relationship

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The `volume flexcache create` command is used to create a FlexCache volume. It also creates the relationship between the FlexCache volume and the specified origin volume.
Note If the vserver and origin-vserver are different, the Vservers must be in a peer relationship.


-vserver <Vserver Name> - Vserver Name

This specifies the Vserver on which the FlexCache volume is to be created.

-volume <volume name> - Cache Volume Name

This specifies the name of the FlexCache volume that is to be created.

{ [-aggr-list <aggregate name>,…​] - List of Aggregates for FlexGroup Constituents

Specifies an array of names of aggregates to be used for creating the FlexCache volume.

[-aggr-list-multiplier <integer>] - Aggregate List Repeat Count

Specifies the number of times to iterate over the aggregates listed with the -aggr-list parameter when creating a FlexGroup. The aggregate list will be repeated the specified number of times. Example:

-aggr-list aggr1,aggr2 -aggr-list-multiplier 2

will cause four constituents to be created in the order aggr1 , aggr2 , aggr1 , aggr2 .

The default value is 4.

| [-auto-provision-as <FlexGroup>] - Automatically Provision as Volume of Type

Use this parameter to automatically select existing aggregates for provisioning the FlexCache volume.

[-use-tiered-aggregate {true|false}] - Automatically Provision FlexGroup on FabricPool }

This parameter specifies whether or not FabricPool-enabled aggregates are selected when provisioning a FlexCache volume using the auto-provision-as parameter. Only FabricPool-enabled aggregates are used if this parameter is set to true and only non-FabricPool-enabled aggregates are used if this parameter is set to false. The default value is false . Tiering-policy is always none for FlexCache.

This parameter only applies to FlexCaches created using the -auto-provision-as parameter.

[-size {<integer>[KB|MB|GB|TB|PB]}] - Volume Size

This optionally specifies the size of the FlexCache volume. The size is specified as a number followed by a unit designation: k (kilobytes), m (megabytes), g (gigabytes), or t (terabytes). If the unit designation is not specified, bytes are used as the unit, and the specified number is rounded up to the nearest 4 KB. If the size parameter in not specified, it defaults to 10% of the origin volume size.

[-origin-vserver <vserver name>] - Origin Vserver Name

This specifies the name of the Vserver where the origin volume is located.

-origin-volume <volume name> - Origin Volume Name

This specifies the name of the origin volume.

[-junction-path <junction path>] - Cache Junction Path

This optionally specifies the FlexCache volume’s junction path. The junction path name is case insensitive and must be unique within a Vserver’s namespace.

[-foreground {true|false}] - Foreground Process

This specifies whether the operation runs in the foreground. The default setting is true (the operation runs in the foreground). When set to true, the command will not return until the operation completes.

[-s, -space-guarantee {none|volume}] - Space Guarantee Style

This optionally specifies the space guarantee style for the volume. A value of volume reserves space on the aggregates for the entire volume. A value of none reserves no space on the aggregates, meaning that writes can fail if an aggregate runs out of space. The default setting for the FlexCache volumes is none .

[-is-global-file-locking-enabled {true|false}] - Global File Locking Mode Enabled/Disabled

This parameter specifies the global file locking mode for the volume. The default value of global file locking mode is false .


The following example triggers FlexCache volume create:

cluster1::> flexcache create -vserver vs34 -volume fc1 -aggr-list aggr34,aggr43 -origin-volume origin1 -size 400m
  (volume flexcache create)
  [Job 894] Job succeeded: Successful
cluster1::> flexcache create -vserver vs34 -volume fc3 -auto-provision-as flexgroup -origin-volume origin1 -size 400m
  (volume flexcache create)
[Job 898] Job succeeded: Successful
cluster1::> flexcache create -vserver vs34 -volume fc4 -aggr-list aggr34,aggr43 -origin-volume origin1 -size 400m -junction-path /fc4
  (volume flexcache create)
[Job 903] Job succeeded: Successful