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job schedule cron delete

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Delete a cron schedule

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The job schedule cron delete command deletes a cron schedule. Use the job schedule cron show command to display all current cron schedules.

You cannot delete any cron schedules that are associated with jobs. Use the job schedule show-jobs command to display jobs by schedule.


[-cluster <Cluster name>] - Cluster

This parameter specifies the name of the cluster on which you want to delete a cron schedule. By default, the schedule is deleted from the local cluster. In a MetroCluster configuration, the partner cluster can be specified if the local cluster is in switchover state.

-name <text> - Name

Use this parameter with the name of an existing cron schedule to specify the cron schedule that you want to delete.


The following example deletes a cron schedule named midnightcron:

cluster1::> job schedule cron delete -name midnightcron