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qos statistics volume characteristics show

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Display volume characteristics

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The qos statistics volume characteristics show command displays data that characterizes the behavior of volumes.

The command displays the following data:

  • QoS volume name (Workload)

  • QoS workload ID (ID)

  • Input/output operations per second (IOPS)

  • Throughput achieved in kilobytes per second (KB/s) or megabytes per second (MB/s) as appropriate (Throughput)

  • Request size in bytes (B) (Request size)

  • Read percentage from total IOPS (Read)

  • Concurrency, which indicates the number of concurrent users generating the I/O traffic (Concurrency)

The results displayed per iteration are sorted by IOPS. Each iteration starts with a row that displays the total IOPS used across all volumes. Other columns in this row are either totals or averages.


[-node {<nodename>|local}] - Node

Selects the volumes that match this parameter value. If you do not specify this parameter, the command displays data for the entire cluster.

{ [-rows <integer>] - Number of Rows in the Output

Specifies the number of busiest QoS policy groups to display. The default setting is 10. The allowed range of values is 1 to 20.

| -vserver <vserver name> - Vserver Name

Specifies the Vserver to which the volume belongs.

-volume <volume name> - Volume Name }

Selects the characteristic data that match this parameter value. Enter a complete volume name or press the <Tab> key to complete the name. Wildcard query characters are not supported.

[-iterations <integer>] - Number of Iterations

Specifies the number of times the display is refreshed before terminating. If you do not specify this parameter, the command iterates until interrupted by Ctrl-C.

[-refresh-display {true|false}] - Toggle Screen Refresh Between Each Iteration

Specifies the display style. If true, the command clears the display after each data iteration. If false, the command displays each data iteration below the previous one. The default is false.

[-show-flexgroup-as-constituents {true|false}] - Display Flexgroups as Constituents

If the parameter is specified and if the value is true, it will display data for FlexVols and Flexgroup Constituents. Otherwise it will display data for FlexVols and Flexgroups.


cluster1::> qos statistics volume characteristics show -iterations 100 -rows 3
Workload            ID     IOPS       Throughput Request size Read Concurrency
--------------- ------ -------- ---------------- ------------ ---- -----------
-total-              -       68       176.00KB/s        2650B   7%           8
vs1vol0-wid102     102       24        96.00KB/s        4096B  20%          13
vol_1-wid103       103       20        80.00KB/s        4096B   0%          12
vol_2-wid104       104        1            0KB/s           0B   0%           0
-total-              -      157       528.00KB/s        3443B   3%           4
vol_2-wid104       104       48       192.00KB/s        4096B   0%           9
vol_1-wid103       103       43       172.00KB/s        4096B   0%           0
vs1vol0-wid102     102       41       164.00KB/s        4096B  14%           6
-total-              -      274      1016.00KB/s        3797B   2%           2
vs1vol0-wid102     102       85       340.00KB/s        4096B   8%           4
vol_2-wid104       104       85       340.00KB/s        4096B   0%           1
vol_1-wid103       103       84       336.00KB/s        4096B   0%