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storage bridge add

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Add a bridge for monitoring

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The storage bridge add command enables you to add FC-to-SAS bridges for SNMP monitoring in a MetroCluster configuration.


-address <IP Address> - Bridge Management Port IP Address

This parameter specifies the IP address of the bridge that is being added for monitoring.

[-snmp-community <text>] - SNMP Community

This parameter specifies the SNMP community set on the bridge that is being added for monitoring.

[-veto-backend-fabric-check {true|false}] - Veto Backend Fabric Check (privilege: advanced)

If specified, the storage bridge add command will not check if the bridge is present in the MetroCluster's backend fabric. By default, it does not let you add bridges that are not present.


The following command adds a bridge with IP address '' for monitoring:

cluster1::> storage bridge add -address
cluster1::> storage bridge show
                                                                Is        Monitor
    Bridge     Symbolic Name Vendor  Model     Bridge WWN       Monitored Status
    ---------- ------------- ------- --------- ---------------- --------- -------
               Bridge Number 16
                             Atto    FibreBridge 6500N
                                               2000001086603824 true      -
               Not Set       Atto    FibreBridge 6500N
                                               20000010866037e8 false     -
               Not Set       Atto    FibreBridge 6500N
                                               2000001086609e0e false     -
               Not Set       Atto    FibreBridge 6500N
                                               2000001086609c06 false     -
    4 entries were displayed.