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storage aggregate object-store attach

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Attach an object store to an aggregate

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The storage aggregate object-store attach command attaches an object store to an aggregate to create a FabricPool. This command requires two parameters to create a FabricPool - an aggregate and a configuration to attach an object-store to the aggregate. This command verifies whether the object store is accessible through the intercluster LIF both from the node on which the aggregate is present as well as its High Availability (HA) partner node. The command fails if the object store is not accessible.


-aggregate <text> - Name of the Aggregate

This parameter specifies the aggregate to which the object store must be attached to create a FabricPool.

-object-store-name <text> - Object Store Configuration Name

This parameter specifies the object store configuration that describes the object store to be attached. The object store configuration has information about object store server name, port, access credentials, and provider type.


The following example attaches an object store to aggregate aggr1:

cluster1::>storage aggregate object-store attach -aggregate aggr1 -object-store-name my-store