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system smtape continue

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Continue SMTape session waiting at the end of tape

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command continues the SMTape backup and restore operations using the specified tape device. You can use this command when an SMTape operation has reached the end of current tape and is in the wait state to write to or read from a new tape.

If a tape device is not specified, the original tape device will be used.

User has to make sure that the correct tape media is inserted in the device and positioned appropriately before issuing this command.


[-tape </node_name/tape_device>] - Tape Name

Use this parameter to specify the name of the tape device which is used for this SMTape operation. The format of the tape device name is /node_name /tape_device , where node_name is the name of the cluster node owning the tape and tape_device is the name of the tape device.

-session <Sequence Number> - Session Identifier

Use this parameter to specify the session identifier for the SMTape backup or restore operations.


Continues an SMTape session having session ID 20 on tape device rst0a on the node node1 in the cluster.

cluster1::> system smtape continue -session 20 -tape /node1/rst0a
 continue on session 20 succeeded

The following example continues session 40 on the same tape device that was being used by the session.

cluster1::> system smtape continue -session 40
 continue on session 40 succeeded