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storage firmware acp rename

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Rename an ACP firmware file

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The storage firmware acp rename command renames the specified ACP processor firmware file on each node.


-oldname <text> - Old Filename (privilege: advanced)

This parameter specifies the firmware file to rename.

-newname <text> - New Filename (privilege: advanced)

This parameter specifies the new name of the firmware file.


The following example renames the ACP processor firmware file with the name ACP-IOM3.0150.AFW.FVF to ACP-IOM3.AFW.FVF on each node:

cluster1::*> storage firmware acp rename -oldname ACP-IOM3.0150.AFW.FVF -newname ACP-IOM3.AFW.FVF