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qos adaptive-policy-group rename

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Rename an adaptive policy group

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The qos adaptive-policy-group rename command changes the name of an existing adaptive policy group.


-policy-group <text> - Name

Specifies the existing name of the adaptive policy group that you want to rename.

-new-name <text> - New adaptive policy group name

Specifies the new name of the adaptive policy group. Adaptive policy group names must be unique and are restricted to 127 alphanumeric characters including underscores "_" and hyphens "-". Adaptive policy group names must start with an alphanumeric character.


cluster1::> qos adaptive-policy-group rename -policy-group p1 -new-name p1_new

Renames the adaptive policy group from "p1" to "p1_new".