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network routing-groups route create

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(DEPRECATED)-Create a static route

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Note This command has been deprecated and may be removed from a future version of Data ONTAP. Use the "network route" command set to configure routes instead.

The network routing-groups route create command creates a static route within a routing group. You can create routes originating from specified Vservers within a specified routing group, routes with specified gateways, and routes with a specified number of hops.


-vserver <vserver> - Vserver Name

Use this parameter to specify the node or Vserver on which the route is to be created.

-routing-group <text> - Routing Group

Use this parameter to specify the name of the routing group within which you want to create the new route.

-destination <IP Address/Mask> - Destination/Mask

Use this parameter to specify the IP address and subnet mask of the route's destination. The format for this value is: address, slash ("/"), mask. The example below has as a valid value for the -destination parameter.

-gateway <IP Address> - Gateway

Use this parameter to specify the IP address of the gateway server leading to the route's destination.

[-metric <integer>] - Metric

Use this parameter to specify the hop count for the route you are creating. The default is 20 hops.


The following example creates a route within a routing group originating from Vserver node3.

cluster1::> network routing-groups route create -vserver node3 -routing-group d192.0.2.167/24 -destination -gateway -metric 10