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cluster unjoin

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Unjoin or remove a node from the cluster

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The cluster unjoin command removes a node from a cluster.

Before you can remove a node from a cluster, you must shut down all of the node's shared resources, such as virtual interfaces to clients. If any of a node's shared resources are still active, the command fails. The failure message will display which active resources must be shut down before the node can be removed from the cluster.


-node <nodename> - Node to unjoin (privilege: advanced)

Use this parameter to specify the name of the node to remove from the cluster.

[-skip-quorum-check-before-unjoin <true>] - Skip Quorum Check Before Unjoin (privilege: advanced)

If this parameter is specified, quorum checks will be skipped prior to the unjoin. The operation will continue even if there is a possible data outage due to a quorum issue.

[-skip-last-low-version-node-check <true>] - Skip the check that prevents unjoining the last low versioned node (privilege: advanced)

This parameter allows the node with lowest version of Data ONTAP to be unjoined from the cluster.


The following example shows how to remove the node named node4 from the cluster .

cluster1::*> cluster unjoin -node node4