volume qtree modify

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Modify qtree attributes

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


This command allows you to modify the following attributes of an existing qtree in the given Vserver and volume:

  • Security style

  • Opportunistic lock mode

  • UNIX permissions

  • Export policy

This command is not supported by Infinite Volumes.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver Name

This specifies the name of the Vserver on which the volume containing the qtree belongs.

{ -volume <volume name> - Volume Name

This specifies the name of the volume containing the qtree to be modified.

-qtree <qtree name> - Qtree Name

This specifies the name of the qtree to be modified. You can modify the attributes of qtree0 (represented as "" in the CLI) by omitting the -qtree parameter from the command or by specifying the value """" for the -qtree parameter.

| -qtree-path <qtree path> - Actual (Non-Junction) Qtree Path }

The qtree path argument in the format /vol/<volume name>/<qtree name> can be specified instead of specifying volume and qtree as separate arguments. The automatically created qtree0 can be represented as /vol/<volume name>.

[-security-style <security style>] - Security Style

This optionally modifies the security style for the qtree. The supported values are unix (for UNIX uid, gid and mode bits), ntfs (for CIFS ACLs), and mixed (for NFS and CIFS access). The unified security style, which applies only to Infinite Volumes, cannot be applied to a qtree. Modifying a qtree’s security style will not affect any of the files in the other qtrees of this volume.

[-oplock-mode {enable|disable}] - Oplock Mode

This optionally modifies whether oplocks are enabled for the qtree.

Modifying qtree0’s oplock mode will not affect any of the files in the other qtrees of this volume.

[-unix-permissions <unix perm>] - Unix Permissions

This optionally modifies the UNIX permissions for the qtree. You can specify UNIX permissions either as a four-digit octal value (for example, 0700) or in the style of the UNIX ls command (for example, ` -rwxr-x---` ). For information on UNIX permissions, see the UNIX or Linux documentation.

The unix permissions can be modified only for qtrees with unix or mixed security style.

[-export-policy <text>] - Export Policy

This optional parameter modifies the export policy associated with the qtree. If you do not specify an export policy name, the qtree inherits the export policy of the containing volume.For information on export policy, see the documentation for the vserver export-policy create command.


The following example modifies a qtree named qtree1. The Vserver name is vs0 and the volume containing the qtree is named vol1. The qtree now has a UNIX security style and oplocks are enabled.

cluster1::> volume qtree modify -vserver vs0 -volume vol1 -qtree qtree1 -security-style unix -oplocks enabled