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vserver export-policy rule setindex

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Move a rule to a specified index

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


The vserver export-policy rule setindex command modifies the index number of the specified export rule. If the new index number is already in use, the command reorders the list to accommodate it. If the existing index is given a higher index number (that is, later in the list), the command decrements the index numbers of rules between the moved rule and moved-to rule; otherwise, the command increments the index numbers between the moved-to rule and the existing rule.

You can use the vserver export-policy rule show command to view a list of rules with their index numbers.


-vserver <vserver name> - Vserver

This parameter specifies the Vserver on which the export policy is located.

-policyname <export policy name> - Policy Name

This parameter specifies the export policy that contains the rule whose index number you want to modify.

-ruleindex <integer> - Rule Index

This parameter specifies the index number of the rule that you want to move.

-newruleindex <integer> - Index

This parameter specifies the new index number for the rule.


The following example changes the index number of a rule at index number 5 to index number 3 in an export policy named rs1 on a Vserver named vs0:

cluster1::> vserver export-policy rule setindex -vserver vs0
-policyname read_only_policy -ruleindex 5 -newruleindex 3