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network port broadcast-domain split

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Splits a layer 2 broadcast domain into two layer 2 broadcast domains.

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Splits ports from a broadcast domain into a new broadcast domain.

The following restrictions apply to this command:

  • If the ports are in a failover group, all ports in the failover group must be provided. Use network interface failover-groups show to see which ports are in failover groups.

  • If the ports have LIFs associated with them, the LIFs cannot be part of a subnet's ranges and the LIF's curr-port and home-port must both be provided. Use network interface show-fields`subnet-name , home-node , home-port , curr-node , curr-port to see which ports have LIFs associated with them and whether the LIFs are part of a subnet's ranges. Use network subnet remove-ranges with the LIF's IP address and `-force-update-lif-associations set to true to remove the LIF's association with a subnet.


-ipspace <IPspace> - IPspace Name

The IPspace of the broadcast domain.

-broadcast-domain <broadcast domain name> - Layer 2 Broadcast Domain

The broadcast domain to split.

-new-broadcast-domain <broadcast domain name> - New Layer 2 Broadcast Domain Name

The new broadcast domain.

-ports [node>:<port],…​ - List of Ports

The ports to be split from this broadcast domain.


The following example splits port "e0d" on node "cluster1-1" and port "e0d" on node "cluster1-2" from broadcast domain "bd-mgmt" in IPspace "Default" to broadcast domain "bd-data".

cluster1::> network port broadcast-domain split -ipspace Default -broadcast-domain bd-mgmt -new-broadcast-domain bd-data -ports cluster1-1:e0d, cluster1-2:e0d