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vserver check lif-multitenancy show-results

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Show the results of the latest multitenancy network run

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the admin privilege level.


You can view detailed information about the latest completed run, or the run for a Vserver.

  • Vserver - name of vserver run was for

  • Severity - severity of the message which is failure, warning, or info.
    Failures are problems that need fixed. Warnings are potential
    problems that may need to be fixed. Values are "failure", "warning" or "info".

  • Service - name of service that is being checked for connectivity

  • Address - address of server configured for the above service that is being
    checked for connectivity.

  • LIF - the LIF a successful connectivity check to the above server was made from

  • Connected - true of there is connectivity, false if there is not

  • Status - additional information useful for resolving issues


{ [-fields <fieldname>,…​]

If you specify the -fields <fieldname>, …​ parameter, the command output also includes the specified field or fields. You can use '-fields ?' to display the fields to specify.

| [-instance ] }

If you specify the -instance parameter, the command displays detailed information about all fields.

[-vserver <vserver>] - Vserver

Selects the messages matching the specified Vserver