system node modify


Modify node attributes

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


The system node modify command sets the attributes of a node.

The owner, location, and asset tag attributes are informational only, and do not affect the operation of the node or the cluster. The cluster eligibility attribute marks a node as eligible to participate in a cluster. The epsilon attribute marks a node as the tie-breaker vote if the cluster has an even number of nodes.

Any field of type <text> may be set to any text value. However, if the value contains spaces or other special characters, you must enter it using double-quotes as shown in the example below.

Use the system node show command to display the field values that this command modifies.


-node {<nodename>|local} - Node

This mandatory parameter specifies which node will have its attributes modified. The value "local" specifies the current node.

[-owner <text>] - Owner

This optional text string identifies the node’s owner. Fill it in as needed for your organization.

[-location <text>] - Location

Use this text string to identify the physical location of the node. This text string is optional; fill it in as needed for your organization.

[-assettag <text>] - Asset Tag

If your organization uses asset tags to track equipment, you can use this text string to store that tag’s value.

[-eligibility {true|false}] - Eligibility

This parameter specifies whether the node is eligible to participate in a cluster. If you modify another node’s eligibility to false, it will no longer be visible from other nodes in the cluster. If you modify the local node’s eligibility to false, the node will no longer be active in the cluster and you will not be able to see any cluster nodes from it.

[-epsilon {true|false}] - Epsilon

If specified as true for a node, this value designates the specified node as epsilon for this cluster. In a cluster, only one node can be designated as epsilon at any given time. A node can be designated as Epsilon to add weight to its voting in a cluster with an even number of nodes.

[-skip-quorum-check-before-ineligible <true>] - Skip Quorum Check Before Setting Node Ineligible

If this parameter is specified, quorum checks will be skipped prior to setting a node ineligible. When setting a node to ineligible, the operation will continue even if there is a possible data outage due to a quorum issue.

[-is-diff-svcs {true|false}] - Differentiated Services

If set to ` true ` this means that the specified node and its HA partner is part of differentiated services storage infrastructure. The default value for this setting is false.


The following example modifies the attributes of a node named node0. The node’s owner is set to "IT" and its location to "Data Center 2."

cluster1::> system node modify -node node0 -owner "IT" -location "Data Center 2"