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vserver nfs pnfs devices delete

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Delete a pNFS device

Availability: This command is available to cluster and Vserver administrators at the advanced privilege level.


The vserver nfs pnfs devices delete command deletes a unique pNFS device. The pNFS device to be deleted is identified by the unique device mapping identifier (mid) parameter passed to this operation. When this operation is successful, the device mappings corresponding to the device and the information corresponding to the device itself are removed. You can obtain the global mapping identifier from the list of devices using the command vserver nfs pnfs devices show .


-global-device-table-id <integer> - Global Device Mapping Table ID

This parameter specifies the pNFS global device mapping identifier that uniquely identifies a pNFS device


The following example deletes the device information of a device with global mapping identifier value 2.

cluster1::> vserver nfs pnfs delete -mid 2