Restoring a FlexGroup volume from a SnapVault backup

You can perform a full-volume restore operation of FlexGroup volumes from a Snapshot copy in the SnapVault secondary volume. You can restore the FlexGroup volume either to the original source volume or to a new FlexGroup volume.

Before you begin

You must be aware of certain considerations for restoring FlexGroup volumes.

Considerations for SnapVault restore operations for FlexGroup volumes

About this task

Any active quota rules on the destination FlexGroup volume are deactivated before the restore is performed.

You can use the volume quota modify command to reactivate quota rules after the restore operation is complete.


Restore the FlexGroup volume: snapmirror restore -source-path src_svm:src_flexgroup -destination-path dest_svm:dest_flexgroup -snapshot snapshot_name

snapshot_name is the Snapshot copy that is to be restored from the source volume to the destination volume. If the Snapshot copy is not specified, the destination volume is restored from the latest Snapshot copy.

vserverA::> snapmirror restore -source-path vserverB:dstFG -destination-path vserverA:newFG -snapshot daily.2016-07-15_0010  
Warning: This is a disruptive operation and the volume vserverA:newFG will be read-only until the operation completes
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y