Mediator not reachable or Mediator quorum status is false

Contributors netapp-lenida


After executing the snapmirror failover start command, the output for the snapmirror failover show command displays a message indicating that Mediator is not configured.

Cluster1::> snapmirror failover show
Source Destination Error
Path Path Type Status start-time end-time Reason
-------- ----------- -------- --------- ---------- ---------- ----------
vs0:/cg/cg vs1:/cg/cg planned failed 10/1/2020 10/1/2020 SnapMirror failover cannot start because the source-side precheck failed. reason: Mediator not configured.
05:50:42 05:50:43

Mediator is not configured or there are network connectivity issues.


If Mediator is not configured, you must configure Mediator before you can establish an SM-BC relationship. Fix any network connectivity issues. Make sure Mediator is connected and quorum status is true on both the source and destination site using the snapmirror mediator show command.

cluster::> snapmirror mediator show
Mediator Address Peer Cluster     Connection Status Quorum Status
---------------- ---------------- ----------------- -------------    cluster2         connected         true