Update ONTAP

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You can nondisruptively update the version of ONTAP on your cluster.

The update process checks your hardware platform and configuration to verify that your system is supported by the ONTAP version to which you are upgrading. ONTAP automatically shifts workloads during an upgrade between clusters so you can continue serving data.

This procedure updates your system to the specified version of ONTAP. It is assumed that your hardware platform and configuration is supported for the target release.

workflow diagram of upgrade task

  1. If you want to download the software image to an HTTP or FTP server on your network, copy the software image from the NetApp support site to the directory on the HTTP or FTP server from which the image will be served.

    If you want to download the software image to a local folder, then click the software image on the NetApp support site, select Save As, and then choose the local folder to place the image.

  2. In ONTAP System Manager, click Cluster > Overview.

  3. In the right corner of the Overview pane, click menu icon.

  4. Click ONTAP Update.