Upgrading or downgrading a cluster nondisruptively by using the rolling upgrade method

The rolling upgrade method enables you to update a cluster of two or more nodes nondisruptively. This method has several steps: initiating a failover operation on each node in an HA pair, updating the failed node, initiating giveback, and then repeating the process for each HA pair in the cluster.

Before you begin

You must have satisfied upgrade or downgrade preparation requirements.

About this task

The versions used in these task examples might vary depending on whether you are upgrading or downgrading the software version, or if you are performing a major or minor upgrade or downgrade.


  1. Updating the first node in an HA pair
    You upgrade or downgrade the first node in an HA pair by initiating a takeover by the node's partner. The partner serves the node's data while the first node is upgraded.
  2. Updating the second node in an HA pair
    After upgrading or downgrading the first node in an HA pair, you upgrade or downgrade its partner by initiating a takeover on it. The first node serves the partner's data while the partner node is upgraded.
  3. Repeat 1 and 2 for each additional HA pair.

After you finish

You should complete post-upgrade tasks.