Modifying the cluster peer passphrase

You can modify the passphrase that is provided during cluster peer creation.


  1. Click Configuration > Cluster Peers.
  2. Select the peered cluster, and click Edit
    The drop-down menu displays.
  3. Click Local Cluster Passphrase.
    The Edit Local Cluster Passphrase dialog window displays.
  4. In the Enter Passphrase field, enter a new passphrase, and then click Apply.
    Note: The minimum required length of the passphrase is eight characters.
    The passphrase is modified immediately. However, there might be a delay before the correct authentication status is displayed.
  5. Log in to the remote cluster, and perform Steps 1 through 4 to modify the passphrase in the remote cluster.
    The authentication status for the local cluster is displayed as ok_and_offer until you modify the passphrase in the remote cluster.