Storage service definitions

ONTAP includes predefined storage services that are mapped to corresponding minimum performance factors.

The actual set of storage services available in a cluster or SVM is determined by the type of storage that makes up an aggregate in the SVM.

The following table shows how the minimum performance factors are mapped to the predefined storage services:

Storage service Expected IOPS (SLA) Peak IOPS (SLO) Minimum volume IOPS Estimated latency Are expected IOPS enforced?
value 128 TB 512 TB 75 17 ms

On AFF: Yes

Otherwise: No

performance 2048 TB 4096 TB 500 2 ms Yes
extreme 6144 TB 12288 TB 1000 1 ms Yes

The following table defines the available storage service level for each type of media or node:

Media or node Available storage service level
Disk value
Virtual machine disk value
FlexArray LUN value
Hybrid value
Capacity-optimized Flash value
Solid-state drive (SSD) - non-AFF value
Performance-optimized Flash - SSD (AFF) extreme, performance, value