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System Manager Classic

Cluster Management Using OnCommand® System Manager

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System Manager is an HTML5-based graphical management interface that enables you to manage storage systems and storage objects (such as disks, volumes, and aggregates) and perform common management tasks related to storage systems from a web browser. System Manager is included with ONTAP software as a web service, enabled by default, and accessible by using a browser. As a cluster administrator, you can use System Manager to administer the entire cluster and its resources.


The name of System Manager has changed from previous versions. Versions 9.5 and earlier were named OnCommand System Manager. Versions 9.6 and later are now called ONTAP System Manager.

System Manager enables you to perform many common tasks such as the following:

  • Create a cluster, configure a network, and set up support details for the cluster.

  • Configure and manage storage objects such as disks, aggregates, volumes, qtrees, and quotas.

  • Configure protocols such as CIFS and NFS, and provision file sharing.

  • Configure protocols such as FC, FCoE, NVMe, and iSCSI for block access.

  • Create and configure network components such as subnets, broadcast domains, data and management interfaces, and interface groups.

  • Set up and manage mirroring and vaulting relationships.

  • Perform cluster management, storage node management, and storage virtual machine (SVM) management operations.

  • Create and configure SVMs, manage storage objects associated with SVMs, and manage SVM services.

  • Monitor and manage HA configurations in a cluster.

  • Configure Service Processors to remotely log in, manage, monitor, and administer the node, regardless of the state of the node.

Dashboard window icons

You might see the following icons when viewing the dashboard for the storage system:

Icon Name Description

image for warning in the System Manager dashboard


There are minor issues, but none that require immediate attention.

image for error in the System Manager dashboard


Problems that might eventually result in downtime and therefore require attention.

image for critical in the System Manager dashboard


The storage system is not serving data or cannot be contacted. Immediate attention is required.

image for navigation in the System Manager dashboard

Link arrow

If this is displayed next to a line item in a dashboard pane, clicking it links to another page from which you can get more information about the line item or make changes to the line item.