Creating an interface group

You can create an interface group—single-mode, static multimode, or dynamic multimode (LACP)—to present a single interface to clients by combining the capabilities of the aggregated network ports.

About this task

Note: The MAC address of an ifgrp is determined by the order of the underlying ports and how these ports initialize during bootup. You should therefore not assume that the ifgrp MAC address is persistent across reboots or ONTAP upgrades.


Use the network port ifgrp create command to create an interface group.
Interface groups must be named using the syntax a<number><letter>. For example, a0a, a0b, a1c, and a2a are valid interface group names.
For more information about this command, see the man pages.
The following example shows how to create an interface group named a0a with a distribution function of port and a mode of multimode:
network port ifgrp create -node cluster-1-01 -ifgrp a0a -distr-func port -mode multimode