Users window

You can use the Users window to manage user accounts, to reset the password of a user, and to view information about all of the user accounts.

Command buttons

Opens the Add User dialog box, which enables you to add user accounts.
Opens the Modify User dialog box, which enables you to modify user login methods.
Note: It is a best practice to use a single role for all of the access and authentication methods of a user account.
Enables you to delete a selected user account.
Change Password
Opens the Change Password dialog box, which enables you to reset a selected user's password.
Locks the user account.
Updates the information in the window.

Users list

The area below the users list displays detailed information about the selected user.

Displays the name of the user account.
Account Locked
Displays whether the user account is locked.

User Login Methods area

Displays the access method that a user can use to access the storage system. The supported access methods include the following:
  • System console (console)
  • HTTP(S) (http)
  • ONTAP API (ontapi)
  • Service Processor (service-processor)
  • SSH (ssh)
Displays the default supported authentication method, which is password.
Displays the role of a selected user.