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System Manager Classic

Verify SMB client access

Contributors NetAppZacharyWambold

You should verify that you have configured SMB correctly by accessing and writing data to the share. You should test access using the SMB server name and any NetBIOS aliases.

  1. Log in to a Windows client.

  2. Test access using the SMB server name:

    1. In Windows Explorer, map a drive to the share in the following format: \⁠\\SMB_Server_Name\Share_Name

      If the mapping is not successful, it is possible that the DNS mapping has not yet propagated throughout the network. You must test access using the SMB server name later.

      If the SMB server is named and the share is named SHARE1, you should enter the following: \⁠\\SHARE1

    2. On the newly created drive, create a test file, and then delete the file.

    You have verified write access to the share using the SMB server name.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for any NetBIOS aliases.