Perform a fast directory delete using the CLI


It is recommended that you use the REST API to delete your directory. You can also use ONTAP command line interface (CLI) to delete your directory.

  1. Enter advanced privilege mode:

    -privilege advance

  2. Delete the directory:

    volume file async-delete start volume volume_name vserver vserver_name path directory_path -throttle throttle

    The minimum throttle value is 10, the maximum is 100,000, and the default is 5000.

    The following example creates a new directory async delete job with the default throttle.

    cluster-cli::*> volume file async-delete start -vserver vs1 -volume vol1 -path d1
    [Job 32] Job is queued: Asynchronous directory delete job.
  3. Verify that the directory was deleted:

    event log show

    The following example shows output for the event log when the directory is successfully deleted.

    cluster-cli::*> event log show
    Time              Node             Severity      Event
    ------------------- ---------------- ------------- --------------------
    MM/DD/YYYY 00:11:11  cluster-vsim     INFORMATIONAL asyncDelete.message.success: Async delete job on path d1 of volume (MSID: 2162149232) was completed.