Deciding whether to use the Upgrade and Revert/Downgrade Guide

This guide describes how to manually upgrade, downgrade, or revert an ONTAP cluster or a MetroCluster configuration using the manual nondisruptive or disruptive upgrade process. It also describes how to perform an automated upgrade using the command line interface (CLI).

Beginning in ONTAP 9.3, the automated upgrade procedure is the preferred upgrade method for all configurations, including MetroCluster configurations. Only patch updates are supported for automated updates on MetroCluster configurations prior to ONTAP 9.3.

If you prefer to a user interface driven upgrade instead of the CLI, use ONTAP System Manager, See the Upgrade Express Guide.

Software express upgrade

You should only use the manual upgrade procedures if you require the level of control and monitoring that the manual procedure provides.

Unless otherwise indicated, the requirements and procedures in this guide apply to all platforms supported in ONTAP 9 and to the upgrade and revert/downgrade paths outlined in Cluster update requirements.