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System Manager Classic

SNMP configuration overview

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Using the ONTAP System Manager classic interface with ONTAP 9.7 or earlier, you can configure SNMP at the cluster management level; add communities, security users, and traphosts; and test the SNMP communication.

You should use these procedures if you want to configure SNMP access to a cluster in the following way:

  • You are working with clusters running ONTAP 9.

  • You want to use best practices, not explore every available option.


    There are a few steps in these procedures for which you must use the command-line interface.

Other ways to do this in ONTAP

You can configure SNMP access to a cluster using for all ONTAP 9 versions. You should use the appropriate procedure for your version of ONTAP.

To perform these tasks with…​

Refer to…​

The redesigned System Manager (available with ONTAP 9.7 and later)

The ONTAP command-line interface (CLI)