Create a broadcast domain


You must create a broadcast domain for a custom IPspace. The SVMs created in the IPspace use the ports in the broadcast domain.

Note This task is relevant for ONTAP 9.0 - 9.7, not ONTAP 9.8.
Before you begin

You must be a cluster administrator to perform this task.

About this task

The port to which a LIF fails over must be a member of the failover group for the LIF. When you create a broadcast domain, ONTAP automatically creates a failover group with the same name. The failover group contains all the ports assigned to the broadcast domain.

  1. Create a broadcast domain.

    network port broadcast-domain create -ipspace ipspace1 -broadcast-domain -ipspace1 -mtu 1500 -ports node1:e0d,node1:e0e,node2:e0d,node2:e0e

  2. Verify that the broadcast domain configuration is correct.

    1. Verify the broadcast domain is correct:

      network port broadcast-domain show

    2. Verify the network port is correct:

      network port show

    3. Verify the failover group names and failover targets are correct:

      network interface failover-groups show